Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it cost me to apply for a loan?
A: No, it is absolutely free!

Q: Who should use
A: Anyone who is in the process of buying a vehicle, and this, regardless of your credit history. Good, Slow, No Credit, or Even Bad credit, you can obtain a Brand New or Pre-Owned certified vehicle at our wholesale prices. If you have good credit, you will obtain a rate lower than any bank, and if you have poor, slow, or no credit, you can still qualify.

Q: Will I be approved for a loan?
A: In order to qualify you must apply online, or call us with your information. Rest assured, all of your information is kept confidential and there is no cost to apply. We have facilitated hundred's of auto loans to clients with who have been turned down by their own bank, or credit union, and even other dealers.

Q: What is the procedure?
A: Simply complete our secure online application, or print the fax PDF form and fax it to us, or call us direct Monday to Saturday 9am-9pm. Once we receive your application it will be handled in a timely and professional manor. We will contact you in order to review your application, and explain the financing options. Please be sure to include all your contact numbers on the online and faxed in applications. Once your loan is approved, all that is left is to pick out the Car, Truck, Van or S.U.V, that you want. The whole process can be done under 24 hours.

Q: Who will have access to my personal information?
A: See our Security and Privacy Policy.

Q: What model years can I purchase?
A: Vehicles between the years of 2006 to 2012 are the optimum choice of many banks. It's an excellent way to be assured of obtaining a vehicle that is certified and in excellent condition so that it will provide you with worry free ownership. All vehicles are fully inspected, certified and come with a 2 year minimum warranty.

Q: Can I use my existing vehicle as a trade in even if it has an existing loan on it?
A: Absolutely!

Q: What if I owe more on my trade in than it is worth?
A: No Problem, we specialize in negative equity trades.

Q: What are the interest rates for an auto loan? 
A: Interest rates are determined by the actual lenders and are influenced by several factors, including the severity of credit problems, the amount of down payment, the vehicle age, employment stability and the degree of credit risk. The rates we offer are as low as 0% (on some new vehicles). All other loans for new or used vehicles are based on prime rate plus. An auto loan expert will explain these factors, and tell you exactly what your interest rate will be after having received your application.

Q: Are vehicles available for lease as well as purchase?

Q: Do I need a cash down payment in order to obtain the car?
A: In most case we require little or no money down.